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To meet the cosmopolitan city Hyderabad standards, the GOLD SQUARE AVENUES PVT. LTD. presenting a prestigious project combined with income-generating farmland with Mahogany, Anjeer(Fig), Jafra(Sindhur), Moringa(Munaga), and other fruit & vegetable farming equipped with sophisticated resort facilities to meet the need for modern living. Apart from the above facilities, the proposed project has got a Real Estate value addition in coming years, due to its proximity to the proposed NIMZ (National Investment & Manufacturing Zone), which is just a 20-minutes drive from the project.

Come and enjoy with more fun

Jeep Ride

Enjoy your Jeep ride through a lush green serene ambiance where the only audible symphony is composed of the gentle rustle of the leaves and the melodious chirping of the birds making for a truly immersive natural experience.


Trekking through rugged greenish terrain surrounded by unparalleled stunning natural landscapes would be truly exhilarating and rejuvenates the body & soul leaving you with memories to cherish for lifetime


Goshala is an essential part of Indian cultural identity and reflects the country’s divine cultural heritage and also it contributes to sustainable organic agriculture, Ayurveda, and the cultural values of India.

Mud Bath

Enjoy your jeep ride through a lush green serene ambiance where the only audible symphony is composed of the gentle rustle of the leaves and the melodious chirping of the birds.Made for an immersive natural experience

Horse Ride

Enjoy your Horse ride with our magnificent site Horses for an invigorating & soul-stirring galloping experience through the breath takingly beautiful \ countryside for creating unforgettable memories.


Games possess an inherent ability to unite individuals, enhancing their skills and foster a sense of community providing an opportunity with endless hours of healthy entertainment and moments of pure joy.


A healthy lifestyle does not mean a boring life, hence WILD WOODS has been lined up with a unique assortment of diversions for your comfort, in this magnificent Club House where traditional avenues match modern-day amenities for your leisure hours. Reception cum Lounge Area, Banquet Hall, Spill-Out Party Lawn, Spa, Fitness Centre, Indoor Games, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Library, Conference Room & Guest Cottages.

Other Amenities

Cycling & Jogging Tracks, Horse Rides, Goshala, Jeep rides, Camp Fire, Rain Dance, Mud-Bath, Outdoor Games, Ropeway, and Many More.

Wild Stay Cottages

Here is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. In your busy schedule, every moment of your leisure time is very precious. Hence Wild Woods is presenting its exclusive Wild Stay cottages with advanced amenities with abundant natural light and refreshingly cool breeze in a pollution-free environment.

Plantation We Choose for Returns

INVESTMENT on land is a long-term plan and is considered to be the best investment option forever. We choose Mahogany, Moringa(Munaga), Anjeer(Fig), and Jafra(Sindhur) as our plantation project along with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

MAHOGANY is the species from which the original mahogany wood was produced. Lt is grown as a plantation tree and sold in timber markets all over India. An exceptionally durable and beautiful hardwood which is an ideal choice for luxurious furniture and fittings around the world.

ANJEER(Fig) is a delicious fruit that has got high medicinal properties and is widely used as dry fruit in daily life for controlling diabetes, overweight, IBS, and some other cardiovascular diseases. It also helps with calcium deficiency for women and children. Fig is a high source of potassium & calcium used for glowing skin. It has a huge demand for dry fruit and the medical field as well.

MORINGA(Munaga) is also known as a super food and its leaves are known as green gold. It is fully packed with Calcium, multivitamins, and minerals and is rich in amino acids as well. It helps in the overall fitness of the body and lowers premature aging, blood pressure, indigestion, bad cholesterol, vitamin deficiency, and so many other health benefits. Wonderful food for bone health and is highly rich in proteins. The whole plant including leaves, drumsticks, and seeds is used in the medical field. It has huge demand worldwide especially for the Moringa leaves powder.

JAFRA(Bixa Orellana) is widely known as the Sindhur tree. There is no exaggeration in calling it a Queen of Colors & Cosmetics. Over the decades, it’s been used in cosmetics worldwide and also used for art painting in America and more over it is used for treating various medical conditions also. It is most commonly used in food coloring and in addition used for enhancing the flavor of dishes. Apart from that, it has got high antioxidant, antibacterial and anticancer properties.

This brochure is only a conceptual presentation of the project and not a legal offering. The promoter reserves right to after and make changes in layout plan as deemed fit.

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